Seamus Golf Bag Tag - Sandbox
Seamus Golf Bag Tag - Sandbox

Seamus Golf Bag Tag - Sandbox

by Seamus Golf


Introducing Seamus' first ever heat treated Hand Forged® creation, the Oil Can bag tag. Each ball mark has been heat treated by hand between 350 and 730 degrees to create tan, bronze, purple and blue hues on the metal. Each bag tag is uniquely 1 of 1 and must be seen in hand to truly appreciate the variation in colors.

Disclaimer: The Oil Can feature is a flame applied finish that is designed to wear over time. Each ball mark is heat treated by hand which makes every Hand Forged® ball mark different. On ball marks that are hand stamped, the steel color will be apparent around the stamping. Please also be aware that we cannot make special requests for color.

Each bag tag is heated 2000 degrees, hand hammered, and finished by a second generation blacksmith in Portland, Oregon. 

Custom Full Name Hand-Stamping Note -

Maximum 20 letters

Please allow 1-2 business days for Hand-Stamping process. Each letter is individual hand-stamped and unique.

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